Insorce is the only service delivery optimization engine of its kind.

Insorce provides meaning to optimization, transformation. Insorce provides an optimization alternative to the vector of current variables that drive people, systems, infrastructure and controls in the desired strategic direction. It brings in location, product and process implications within financial services firms, replacing a plethora of planning committees, pilots and consultants. By addressing the core issues in change management for the financial services industry, it also finds equal usage amongst the ecosystem of current solution providers.

Insorce is an objective mathematical optimizer with integrated modules dealing with process, locations, controls, people and infrastructure with calculators built into each module that work interactively with other modules and a final set of plans for testing and implementation is generated. Insorce is non-intrusive and non-threatening - it does not need to be wired into system architecture, while maintaining enormous flexibility to absorb detailed process, product and functional taxonomy at any level of the organization. It provides final implementable plans that can be rapidly adapted in creating what-if analyses.